The Renter’s Checklist

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Apartment hunting for the best apartments in Houston, TX, can come with stress and anxiety, especially if you don’t know the essential features to evaluate. Here is a renter’s checklist to make your house hunting smooth and easy if you are looking for apartments for rent in Houston, TX. 

The affordable luxury apartments in Houston are usually studios or townhouses. It all depends on how many bedrooms you need, if you are sharing the place with someone else and if you are going to work from home or not.

A townhouse’s convenience and community setting might be better if you have kids. For people without a family, a studio apartment is a cost-effective arrangement with enough space for 2 people.

Clear Lake, a quiet but attractive suburb 25 minutes south of downtown Houston, Texas, is a fantastic place to raise a family or enjoy life without kids. Clear Lake has loads of employment opportunities, plenty of retail, some of the best schools in Houston and tons of green space with clean and fresh air. The apartments are also relatively affordable and offer great value, given the amenities and area attractions.

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1. Schools

The proximity to schools and the quality of those schools is one thing you should consider when house hunting for a new apartment. Clear Lake offers some of the best schools in Houston, and Newport at Clear Lake is less than 2 miles away from Clear Lake’s top-rated elementary, middle and high schools.

Parking Areas Should be considered for renter`s clecklist
Clear Lake High School

2. Restaurants and groceries

There will be times when you don’t feel like having home-cooked meals, hence the importance of having good restaurants close to your apartment. These restaurants are also essential for meeting a guest in your area but not at home. Grocery stores are also critical as you need everyday commodities. Sometimes you might need to take clean toiletry or your favourite drink, and you have to run to the grocery store to stock up. 

We all need to eat and love to eat! Weekly grocery trips and home-cooked meals are great, but sometimes we want to go out with friends and enjoy some of the areas’ top-rated restaurants. Finding an apartment next to grocery stores and restaurants is essential. At Newport at Clear Lake, Target, Kroger, HEB, Wal Mart, and Costco are all within a short drive, while the diversity of restaurants is fantastic. Thai, Indian, Mexican, American, Italian, and many other cuisines serve the Clear Lake area.

Walmart should in priorly to Renter's Checklist
Costco Wholesale Market

3. Employment Opportunities

What employment opportunities are there near the apartment community for your skillset and career path? Proximity to work saves you from commuting stress and the cost of transportation with rising gas prices and wear and tear on your car. If you work from home, search for an apartment community that has a business center so that you can choose to work from within your apartment or from the community business center.

Employment opportunities in Houston

4. Google Reviews

If you rent an apartment in Houston, the chances are high that previous and existing residents have left google reviews. It is good to get a first-hand review from someone who has spent some time living in a place where you plan to move in, or Houston area apartments generally. Reading reviews offers a “try before you buy experience.”

At Newport at Clearlake, we have excellent reviews on Google (4 out of 5-star reviews), which means you really can’t go wrong living in our Houston area apartments. So google reviews should be in the Renter’s Checklist to buy or rent an apartment in Houston

5. Does the place look clean and have a good feel?

Are the grounds well maintained? Is the staff warm and helpful? Are the residents happy? What do the google reviews say? You should look for a property with at least a 3.7+ star review, and that Cleanliness is essential to consider when renting an apartment. You have to inspect the environment and ensure that they take cleanliness seriously. Since it will be your home for some time, you have to feel good about the apartment and ensure it is where you look forward to staying every day. 

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