Chic Minimalist Apartment Living

Chic Minimalist Apartment

The concept of minimalism has always been about putting quality first over quantity. However, “quality” in this sense is subjective. Some people practice minimalism in their spaces by keeping only the essentials – having less furniture and knick-knacks, keeping the space free from clutter. Others also keep their spaces clutter-free but they bring in useful, space-saving pieces that also serve as accents to their chic minimalist apartment.

How you translate minimalism into your living area is totally up to you. Just keep in mind that you can always add your personal touch. You don’t have to give up your style to have a chic minimalist space that you can enjoy.

Tips to Applying Minimalism in Your Small Space

Answer this: What doesn’t spark joy anymore?

Clothes which you will not use anymore

The first thing you need to do is decide on what to keep and what to get rid of. If you’ve watched “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix, you can do this by identifying things that don’t spark joy anymore, then letting go of them. Another rule you can follow is: if you haven’t used it in a year, it’s most likely that you’re not going to use it anymore.

Clear Floors and Surfaces

Well organized utensils helps minimalism in Your Small Space

If you want to de-clutter your space, do the knick-knacks next. Make sure that everything has a rightful place so the space looks organized – keep your kitchen counters free, put books and papers away properly, put toys into a container.

One Room at a Time

Well organized room structure

Figuring out what to let go of can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s a good idea to start one room at a time if you already accumulated so much stuff in your apartment. Perhaps, start by cleaning and organizing your bedroom, and then after that tackle your kitchen then living room. Going one room at a time is less overwhelming and provides encouragement when you review the before and after.


Organizing your room in the best manner helps minimalism in Your Small Space

Moving forward, you need to be as organized as possible to have a chic minimalist apartment. You need to be smart with the kinds of furniture you bring in.  Space-saving furniture is great when you have limited space. For example, storage beds, hidden tables, multi-use sofas, and the like.

Go for Personalized Basics

Arrange things in the most systematic and innovative look

When choosing things to put in your chic minimalist apartment, go for the personalized basics. For example, if it’s essential to have a rug in your living area, choose one that reflects your personality – a bold pattern or a pop of color.

Rustic on Blank Space

Add Rustic elements to empty Space helps minimalism in Your limited Space

A blank space won’t feel plain and boring if you add rustic elements to it. Bring in textures and natural touches to white, empty space to make it cozier.

Use Plants as Decors

Add some plant pots in the empty space will keep you fresh in the room

Just like adding rustic touches, plants add freshness to a space as well as personality. Go for low-maintenance plants so it’s easier to take care of.

Having a chic minimalist apartment grants you peace of mind. It also allows you to have better use of your time instead of cleaning and tidying up every day. Living minimally sets you up to focus on what’s really important and essential in life.

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